View Full Version : 3B Designs - September Painting Slot!!!

08-18-2005, 07:37 AM
I posted to my Yahoo! group that I'm taking names for the lottery drawing for painting slots - I'm going to offer this to Blab folks as well!!! Here is the scoop:

This is your official call for chances for slots for September 2005 with 3B Designs!

How this works:
I will randomly draw names (actually, my niece will) on Saturday, August 20. I will draw 2 names. Submissions will be accepted until midnight on Friday,
Augustu 19, CST.

To enter the lottery:
Submit in an email to me at "TripleBDesigns@aol.com" with the subject line of "September Lottery Submission". Submit in your email the following
Your Name
Your Address
Name of Horse You Want Painted
Scale of Horse (traditional, SM, etc)
Color Desired (note - I do not offer Appaloosas!)

Submit an email for EACH horse. Only 1 horse per email submission. The horse MUST be prepped and ready to send to me and be to me by September 1 (or before).

After the 2 names are drawn, I will email those individuals privately with the price quote.

If you find you cannot afford to have your horse painted at this time, don't fret - you can enter the next lottery drawing. I will try to do a drawing each
month on the 20th for the following month (so September 20 I will draw for October slots).

50% due to arrive with the horse (or via paypal). The balance is due when the horse is done. I'm looking to have the 2 slots completed when the call for the next slots is announced, so be prepared for a 30-45 day turnaround for your horses. I accept paypal (credit card paypal ok), money orders, and personal checks. Iowa residents must pay applicable sales tax.

I no longer will prep horses, unless a special circumstance arises. Horses must come to me already prepped. This could be seams and holes filled - I can apply the primer, but most preppers already put on primer (this helps them to be sure they got all the "dings" out and seams filed smooth). I'm sorry I cannot provide you with any prepper names - I'm on the hunt for them myself!

Your horse will be returned to you via UPS insured shipping - so no PO Boxes. If you are an international customer, I will ship airmail insured. Due to laws and the advice of my CPA, international shipments can only have their true value declared, you can opt not to have the horse insured for full true value, but that will be at your own risk.

Current Rates:
Traditional base color: $175
Classic base color: $100
Stablemate base color: $85
Dappling: add $25 (any scale)
Leg/Face White Markings: add $25 (any scale)
Paint Markings: add $100 (traditional/classic)
Paint Markings: add $40 (stablemate)

Reference photos are always nice too! If you have a color in mind or particular markings you like, send them along in COLOR with the horse (not via email). If you want me to use something as a reference, it needs to be in a format which it can be in front of me while I'm working in my studio.

Here ya go - this is your offical call for September!!! Good luck!