View Full Version : StableMate Preping for free !!!! L@@K Im in a very good mood so hurry while you can

08-18-2005, 05:11 PM
Hello all ,

Here is how this goes. I am preping or will prep your Stablemate if you win this drawing , My sister personaly herself will draw two names out of a hat every month and whoever gets it will win a free preping job on either Stablemates or a Little Bit Scaled horse ! If you are interested please email me . Or PM please, I have AIM, Yahoo, and MSN so i have really all the ways you can get in touch with me about this, If you do enter, You pick a model of your choice but you do have to provide the model not me, But if you would like to enter the drawingstate all of these below please, Thanks !!! :time Times running out, I'll do names tommrow night or maybe sturday, If I do not get alot of people i will just wait until next Monday for this , and then start from one friday a month !

Last Name:
Address (so i can send model back) :
and again please send to breyerfan1@yahoo.com . Thanks all