View Full Version : IMESA Nationals Now Open!!

08-31-2005, 01:27 PM
We have decided as a club that the IMESA Nationals (always open to members only who have had horses qualify during season shows) should be open to everyone, members and non members, and be able to show all of their horses. We have some great awards so far this year, and I am hoping that with opening this show- we will bring in more members to be able to buy bigger and better awards!! :) Members will still have the benefits, and will be able to win special year end awards, Become a member of IMESA and get some great advantages! :) Some awards this year include:
MIB: Noddy, Madison Avenue, Thunder

We also have some custom horses, books, tack, jewelry, and more to come! Please email me for a class list- or the links to see the pix and info! :)