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Jenn Miller
12-01-2005, 08:21 PM
Shady Pine Stables
Dashing Through the Snow Show
Feb. 3rd to 10th 2006

Rules: This show is open to ALL makes of model horses, OF and CM! There will be no separate class list as I do not have enough ribbons for that. Please limit your entries to no more than 150 photos!! On the back of your photos you MUST have: Horses name, breed, gender, and classes in order please. Also your name, and contact info (please include email). I don’t mind if you have other info as well but please include basics. Please note that if you horses have initials in front of their names such as “SPS Golden Boy” that I will not be typing those over and over again. The horse will be listed as “Golden Boy”. Thank you for understanding. I will put everyone’s initials after the horse so you know it’s yours. Photos numbered wrong will not be corrected or moved, and please have your entries to me NO LATER than Feb. 1st!!!! Any entries received after then will be sent back un opened. Photos must be good quality, home printed digital photos are fine but they must be printed on photo paper and non blurry, smeared or pixeled.

Awards: Classes 1 to 25 will receive used (great shape) flats to TENTH PLACE!!!!! Classes 25 to 40 will be placed w’ flats 1st to 3rd (used). Champions and Reserves will be getting BRAND NEW rosettes from Hodge’s Badge Company!!!! Custom for my show! Every Entrant will also receive a door prize as well, I haven’t decided what to get yet.

Costs: 1 - 10 photos $3, 11 - 20 $5, 21 - 30 $8 and unlimited up to $150 is $10. Entry fee may seem high but this is to pay for prizes only and the custom rosettes!

Send Photos to:

Shadypinestables05@msn.com (Shadypinestables05@msn.com)

Please email me for address to send them! Thanks!


1. Stallion
2. Mare
3. Gelding
4. All Foals
Champ/Res. Gender

5. Arabian
6. Half Arabian
7. QH
8. Mustang
9. Paint
10. Appaloosa
11. Other Stock
13. Carriage Breeds (Friesian, Morgan, etc.)
14. Spanish (Paso, Lip, etc.)
15. Other Gaited (Icelandics here)
16. All Drafters
17. All Ponies
18. Anything I forgot! (Fantasy breeds)
Champ/Res of Breed

19. Bay/Brown
20. Black
21. Chestnut/Sorrel/Blonde
22. Palomino
23. Buckskin/Dun
24. Roan/Grulla
25. Dapple Grey
26. Plain Grey NO dapples
27. Silvers, Brindles, other rare
28. Non realistic colors
Champ/Res Color

29. OF Breyer
30. CM Breyer
31. OF Stone
32. CM Stone
33. OF Other (include resin and China NOT made by Breyer or Stone)
34. CM Other ( “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ )
Champ/Res Make

35. Western Pleasure
36. Western Events
37. English Pleasure
38. English Events
39. Harness
40. All other i.e. Parade and Costume (no Rodeo they are western events.)
Champ/Res Performance

Fun Classes (Special Awards! No ribbons)
41. Stable Choice (limit 5)
42. Judge Choice (All entered except performance)
43. Best Name (All entered)
44. Best overall photo

Overall Champ and Reserve Champ of Show!

Thanks for entering!