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09-09-2004, 12:08 PM
I commissioned a Traditional-sized Arabian Costume and doll from Abby Marston in late July 2002. On 10/30/02 I added a Traditional Custom Peter Stone Arabian as well. My assumption was that the entire ensemble would be ready at about the time everything was paid off which was on 3/7/03.

I have been very patient and didnít inquire much about the costume initially because I trusted her and assumed she would complete it in a timely manner. I knew of the quality of her work and figured a year or even a little beyond that would be an acceptable wait. The first date that I mentioned I wanted the costume was for a show in August of 2003. Suffice it to say the costume wasnít completed. The next time I requested the costume was for a show in November of 2003. Again, I was to be disappointed.

On 1/14/2004, she agreed to make me a Breyer Stablemate sized Arabian costume and a Custom Breyer Stablemate to go with it. There was also to be a partial trade of a Special Run Peter Stone Ideal Stock Horse, Earl, which I would provide upon completion of the order. I paid for the cash balance via Paypal on 1/16/04. At that time she stated that everything would be ready for my Stone Henge Live Show in Santa Barbara. The Traditional-sized Custom Peter Stone, the Traditional sized Arabian costume, doll, Custom Stablemate, and Custom Arabian Stablemate costume. On 3/04/04, after sending a few emails inquiring about the status of everything, she replied and told me that nothing would be ready for the Stone Henge Live show on March 7, 2004. I was pretty disappointed at that time and sent an email to that effect. She replied at that time that she was sorry and that she would try to communicate better. Abby stated on 3/24/04 that she would have my Traditional sized Costume and doll completed in time for my early April show. On 4/1/04 after sending numerous emails, again, she finally replied and told me she would be sending the Traditional sized Costume but not the doll. Abby also stated that she would send the doll the next week. I did receive the Traditional sized costume two days before my show.

On 4/01/04 Abby sent me an email and stated that everything should be ready by May 10th. As of 4/24/04 everything was supposedly on schedule according to Abby. I emailed again numerous times. Finally I received a reply to my numerous emails on 6/4/04. Keep in mind everything was supposed to be done and shipped by May 10th. I was again promised the Custom Traditional model horse, Custom Breyer Stablemate, mini Mamluk costume, and doll. On 6/9/04, Abby emailed me and told me she couldnít complete the horses because of the high humidity. On 6/29/04 Abby agreed to ship what was completed. Abby failed to ship anything. On 7/21/04 after numerous emails and posting publicly I finally received a reply from her in which Abby stated the CM models would be completed on the weekend of July 31-August 1. Abby told me that if she couldnít finish the models in that weekend that she would ship my other completed items. Iím still waiting for them to arrive. I have sent numerous emails since then and she has failed to reply to any of them. I finally sent a certified letter, which Abby signed for on August 30th, so I know she is okay. She is simply ignoring everyone who emails her that she owes costumes to. I truly donít want to damage her reputation in any way, but Iíve had enough! I guess I thought we were friends of a sort, even though it was only via email correspondence. Friends donít treat friends like this. I would really like to settle this amicably, although Iím starting to feel a little like Iíve been ďtaken.Ē It isnít a pleasant feeling at all. I would still like to have the items that I have ordered and not a refund.

Since I have been left with no choice, I will be filing for Mail Fraud and filing a report with the IFCC on Monday, September 13th.


Lisa Holland