View Full Version : First 2 Artist Choise Frederico's Available!

10-19-2004, 05:16 AM
It is with mixed feelings i list these 2 wonderful boys.

These 2 is the 2 casts that actually survived the fire, they was by
some miracle at the casters home, instead at the factory. I had
planned to keep these for myself, how ever casting costs need to ve
covered :)

In order to cover expenses from casting the new Freds, i am listing
these 2 boys now. I will accept time payments, NO TRADES, as listed.
Preference will be to those whom can pay in full though.

I have not forgotten anyone here at all, please do not think that.
This is merely to help cover casting expenses i list these 2 boys.

information can be found here;

http://www.aelwydstudios.com/toronado.html Toronado have been sold - thank you!

The next AC pieces will be the 2 listed as sold - no other artist
pieces will be offered before those 2 pieces is completed!!!

I do hope it all makes sense - casting will begin soon of the new
fredericos :) They're just about ready to start business up again at
my caster!

All the best