View Full Version : Big GREEN Light to Cindy Evans!

Beth B
10-24-2004, 08:04 PM
:wow ! Cindy sent payment to me for my Peruvian Paso body within three days. Very fast shipping of payment to me! :roses

She was prompt with her e-mails and prompt with her payment. I have done business with her with her being the seller and I the buyer and I have gotten nothing but the best from her.

She gets a BIG GREEN Light from me. :thumbsup :thumbsup

She's a great gal to do business with.

Thanks Cindy.

10-25-2004, 04:07 PM
:agreed :agreed :agreed

OH heck yeah! I just got a box of horses from her! Excellent! I think she just told me the were shipped! :)
Woot! :) I'm going to have fun with them!
:woohoo :woohoo :woohoo

Beth B
11-19-2004, 01:44 PM
I have to give another huge green light to Cindy.

I sent her a Pebbles ASB to repaint just recently and I forgot to put in the shipping in the envelope. She let me know that I forgot the shipping and told me if I had to wait on sending it to me she'll let me know when my ASB is done so I could send the shipping, but I sent it out to her by the next day.

I never had an artist do that with me before, maybe because she knew I was good for it. So I give her another huge green light.


11-20-2004, 12:20 AM
Well, just to let you know, I got the money the other day, thanks, I hope to get to work on your kid soon (and Dool's, Sara's, and Laura's!) Thanks! :)

01-04-2005, 05:44 PM
Oh, the HUGEST FLASHIEST GREENEST LIGHT there is for Cindy! She's AWESOME! I got two horses repainted from her and they are EXQUISITE! I'm enjoying every minute of them! Cindy is sincere, fun, easy to work with! HIGHEST COMPLIMENTS FOR CINDY! My PS Thoroughbred was painted EXACTLY, and I mean EXACTLY, like the real "Alla C'zar!!!" I'm IN LOVE!

Thanks Cindy!!!


01-09-2005, 06:18 AM
Another green light! A big giant blazing one! (awesome customs!)

01-10-2005, 08:13 AM
Agreed! I sold her a body! She was awesome!

Beth B
01-18-2005, 08:23 AM
Cindy gets another green light from me.
My ASB model she repainted. I told her to surprise me with the color and boy did she ever. She painted him to a champange color. :wow

I will be getting photos of him up soon.

Big GREEN light from me to Cindy Evens!