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Beth B
10-25-2004, 12:32 PM
Tiffany Hoffman.

I bought a CM gray perch in the new Percheron mold from her at a live
show in St. Charles in 2002 not sure what month it was. I put a down
payment on the model and about three days later sent the remainder of
the payment to her. I was informed she would mail her out immediately.
Weeks went by no model horse arrived at my house. Sent her an e-mail,
that e-mail bounced back.
I posted a Looking for Tiffany Hoffman post on Haynet around early
2003. She finally got a hold of me. Told me that she didn't mail her
out yet for she had lost my snail mail address. Husband had purged
her e-mail account of all e-mails. I resent her my snail mail
address. Expected to get the model within the week as she was going
to cover the shipping fee.
She never sent the model. I gave her enough time to send her to me or
post a Looking for Beth Brownell post on Haynet or one of the boards
I go to. She did do that only once and then we lost contact with each
other. The model was not shipped again.
My first contact of this year with her was in Feb of this year. When
she told me she would mail the gray perch out to me. The Perch didn't
get mailed as she had stated.
You guys are probably saying you should really dig down and demand
the model horse to be sent to you. I'm giving her a benefit of a
doubt that she will follow through with it. But now my patience is
wearing thin.
So I posted a Looking for Tiffany Hoffman post on Haynet and e-mailed
her with the last e-mail address I had for her asking where is my
gray perch was and telling her that I would like to have my model as
I want to be showing her in the coming spring show season. She
responded to my e-mail, promising me that she would mail her out
I will know if she did ship my gray perch by the first week of
Till then, she has a yellow light.

Beth Brownell
PS. I also save my e-mails to and from her so I know what was said
and done.

10-25-2004, 01:33 PM
I can vouch for Tiffany as a being a fantastic person to deal with. :) She has been through a divorce recently and she has also moved, and living in a rural area as she does, her internet connection and email service are not terribly reliable. Her current email addy is: goldenhfarm@essex1.com

Beth B
10-25-2004, 03:18 PM
She is a great person very understanding for the down payment and then sending the remaining part of the payment to her, but when I finally paid for the gray perch in 2002, I had expected to get that model in my hands within a week after my payment was delivered.

Not that hard to do, even in rural country, (Mind you I live in rural country where our nearest post office is about ten miles from us.) go to the PO or get the postperson to come to your home for a pickup if you can't make it to the post office that day. And we do that about once a week as we usually do need to mail stuff out in one giant tub of small boxes. It's land business related.

She had this model in her possesion for two years. Now, I know you would not hold a model that long without hunting down the model's rightful owner and you would go totally out of your way to get the model to it's owner.

I know she had a divorce and had moved, but still that is no excuse for not sending the model when she had stated that she would do or even get a hold of me. She waited for me to get a hold of her instead of doing what most people would do - post a looking for post on all the model horse groups that most people would be on or have a friend do the posting if she's not on some of the model horse lists. I did that and plus e-mailed her at that address you posted I have it in my address book to get her to contact me.

Having my model horse for two years and easily could have mailed her at any time, even while she was moving would have been a good chance but she didn't.

But she just sent me an e-mail telling me that finally my grey perch will be in tomorrow's mail. Now I'll be waiting to see if she sent her or not. I am hoping that she will be sending her home.

Hopefully, I will be seeing my model in the next week or less.

11-04-2004, 11:18 AM
For those on the Tiffany Hoffman hunt...she's changed her name (again) to Tiffany Purdy...I've heard rumblings that she's comissioned a new website, but I've heard nothing of a debut timeframe. Personly, I know of several people whith deals gone bad w/ Tiffany. From personal experience, I was able to get my CM on time. But given what I've heard from people who know her better, only buy in person from models that she has w/ her.

Beth B
11-04-2004, 01:31 PM
An update on this post. I did finally get my model from Tiffany, on October 26th.

I will keep the yellow light on her and second the recommend buying the model in person with her or give her a timetable to get the model to you.

Hopefully, she'll speed up sending models out to buyers.