View Full Version : There are NO personal attacks allowed on Blab

01-15-2006, 11:12 PM
Short title: Don't Be Mean. It's Not Allowed Here.

There have been some situations in the last few weeks that have caused some of the fine members of this community quite a bit of distress. Unfortunately, I’m not as quick on the draw as I used to be because of my career obligations (on top of my pre-existing family obligations). I wanted to once again outline the rules of Blab as it pertains to personal attacks, and also implement a warning system since at this point in time it seems we need it. There have been people coming forward whom I’d never expect to hear this kind of stuff from, and it bums me out.

Blab has always been, and will always be a “speak your mind and stand behind it” kind of board. Say what you mean, but take responsibility for what you say and maintain tact and respect. We’re big on free speech – but that freedom ends when you single someone out and are publicly mean to them. There is a BIG difference between a healthy debate (expressing a differing point of view), and turning things into a personal attack (name calling, criticism of a person's character, excessive negative sarcasm directed toward a person). If you feel the need to attack an individual, or to give one particular person or a particular group of people a "piece of your mind" then do so via private means - NOT including Blab's PM system or Reputation system.

There is a HUGE difference between disagreeing with someone, and being mean to that person. Be familiar with that difference, and do NOT be mean. Do NOT make things personal publicly if it’s negative.

Again, DO NOT use the Blab Reputation system or Private Message system to harrass or berate a member, either. In the future, this will result in immediate banning.

The system we are putting in place is as follows:

First Warning: Blab has a post reporting system that works wonders. This lets the administrators and moderators know if there’s a particular post that any member finds offensive. The reports received are reviewed by the management team, and if the report(s) are deemed actionable, the offender will be notified with a warning. ALL REPORTS ARE COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. I will under no circumstances release the name(s) of the people who have complained – this is to preserve the integrity of the complaint system so that people can come forward and be honest without worrying that they’ll face retribution.

Second Warning: Temporary ban.

Third warnng: Suspension

Bottom line: Don’t be mean.