View Full Version : New Youth Forum!

02-23-2007, 09:55 PM
Announcing the new Youth Forum!

Youth Off-Topic is a place for our younger members to gather. It was created in hopes of giving younger Blabbers an area to chat in their own way.
Mainly comprised as an off-topic style forum, lightly related hobby talk is welcome also.

We designed this forum so that only our younger members can have access. The forum is a free area and only open to those under 17, with some exceptions. The regular Blab Moderators will have access and may chime in from time to time if help or moderation is needed. There are also a handful of experienced Blabbers that will act as "mentors". They are volunteers for occasional help, guidance and encouragement.

Youth OT also has it's very own Youth Mods! Our "mini-mods" have some limited moderator abilities and will use their trusted judgment when needed.

Access to this area is granted individually. This means that our younger members are not automatically able to use the forum. (The software just doesn't work that way. ) We will give access to all Blabbers under 17 so if you want to join, please PM a Moderator. We'll be happy to let you in. :)