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05-11-2007, 11:21 PM
We have it – a “who’s on” for the front screen display. :) If you see someone hanging out in Chat all by their lonesome … go say hi! :grin

Watch the forum for invitations from other members to join them. And, new rooms have been added for chat specifically about NAN and Breyerfest. Keep an eye out for global announcements of scheduled any-topic Blab Chat sessions. (Fwiw rooms are not moderated to stay on topic.)

So how do you know when you can drop in and join other people in a casual Chat? In addition to eyeing the who’s on, there is now a thread in the Chat forum where you can post a day and time you plan to hang around in Chat. For example, you can let people know that "I'll wait for company for 10 minutes from 8:30-8:40 p.m. this Saturday and stick around longer if others turn up." Or, check the thread to see when others plan to be there.

A brief Chat forum tour … the main forum display shows the Chat forum. In the Chat forum, at the top, is the link directly into Chat. Suggestion – right mouse click on the link and select “open in new window.” This will keep your Blab window up and launch a new window for the Chat session. You can post regular threads in the rest of the forum, invitations to chat, chat info sharing, etc. Stickied at the top is a thread for chat invites, and another one with technical tips on using chat.

Would you like to set up a chat session for a particular topic at a specified date and time? Post it in the Chat forum! Let me know in advance and I’ll post a global announcement. If you wish, I can also set up a temporary or permanent chat room labeled with that topic for your session.

This is a great way to host your own live and interactive Q&A or discussion session using Blab chat. Examples: Q&A for your upcoming live show … answer questions and talk about class rules and other show info (where can showers get lunch? :wink); discussion and tips on a hobby skill; plans to get together for a social event or live show; etc. etc. etc. ...

And of course ... 2 rooms are dedicated to any NAN or Breyerfest topic.

Enjoy Blab Chat! :woohoo