View Full Version : Anybody dealt with Sascha Richardson?

A Tolleson
12-05-2004, 03:45 PM
She lives in Austrailia and she is really nice, but I have had problems with her.
Early this year (Feb?) we made a trade with Micro Minis. She didn't have any horses the same value than mine so I went way under value because she seemed to really want them and she was really nice. Of course it took her weeks to get the horses out. She emailed me saying she received my horses and that she loved them. It is December and I have yet to receive the horses but I have forgiven her. I posted an ad for a TR Creata Reiner in body quality and she said she had to have the horse. I was asking $35 still undervalue and she begged me to go down to $20. I needed the money for my dog and had no more inquirys so I agreed. She said that the MO would end up being MUCH more because she lived in Austrailia so it would take her a while to save up. Two weeks later she emails me saying she has the money and that she would send it to me the next day. August rolls around and still no money. She was so nice I stupidly gave in and held the horse for 5 or so months (!!) She even said she had a slot to have her customized! In November she emails me saying that she is sorry for the long delay and that she sent the MO out. She asks if I can "throw in" a Top LSQ CM SM because she collects the mold. NO! No MO. She emails me saying she changed her mind in september (I'm not exactly sure about these months but I can check past emails) in response to an ad for a PS ISH body. I figured it wouldn't hurt anything if I agreed to hold the horse for only 5 days. She agrees to pay with paypal. A week later no money and no response to ads. I havn't spoken to her since. Since then she has posted an ad saying she would pay several hundered $ for an expensive resin through paypal.
Sorry for going on about this but I wanted to know if she has ripped anyone else off before.

12-05-2004, 03:49 PM
gosh, it's been a while since I have dealt with Sascha! she IS super sweet and you really want to like her. we wrote back and forth for a little bit, becuase I think she likes having "friends". but I don't think I would enter into a transaction with her. she has "held" a couple of my models as well without coming through back in the day. and yes, believe it or not, she is 13 (maybe 14 by now).

I keep hoping she will get her head on a little straighter. I know she has good intentions though!