View Full Version : Green Lights to go around...

12-08-2007, 01:14 AM
Hi all! I'm having a wonderful return to the hobby, and have a bunch
of Greens to give out! :yaymiller :woohoo

Kinsey Cornelius for a great trade!

Nicole Perrault for a wonderful trade, and she went out of her way to
complete it. She thought she had a certain model, but it wasn't the
one she thought it was. So she BOUGHT the one it was supposed to be
to complete the trade! What a super person to deal with. We are
actually in the middle of another trade right now.

Erin Logan for a great trade!

Kathy Bigham for selling me two wonderful models at a great price!

Barbara Bender for purchasing a model from me...hope to see his
photos soon(he is going to Death Valley to model some Indian

Ebay sellers I got models from:
isoldit.mn076 - got some great NIB models for a steal!

redtouche5 - smooth transaction

lilyccr2g9s - got two gorgeous models

ez.sell4u1 - got a lovely TH Lady Phase

That's all I can think of right now...I'll have more soon!
Oh, and if anyone is looking for feedback for me, my ebay user ID is

Brandi McGovern