View Full Version : Update from D'ARRY JONE FRANK!!!

07-07-2004, 10:28 AM
I was just chatting with D'Arry (having D'Arry withdrawls...haven't seen her in 6 days!!!) :lol :lol :lol

First off - the WOW horse. I will be posting the WOW auction tonight. It's the Let's Fly resin foal from RESS. She did her (I think it's a filly) in a bay lacey tobiano. VERY cute!!! My ebay ID is "deeoghee".

D'Arry said she would like to give her apologies to everyone. She did not get a June WOW horse up due to the need to get customer orders completed and the divorce which she has been dealing with. She is very ELATED to report that the divorce is final effective 2pm yesterday. WHOO HOO!! :cheer She is excited and ready to get her life back on track and back in the studio in full force!

Her website will be updated this week (she will be getting information for Jen Baker, her webmistress) and putting sale horses back on the site. Be watching her site for updates www.prestigefarms.us

BFEST: D'Arry will have a table in the Artisan's Gallery at the Holiday Inn North. Her, Ed Gonzales, myself, and Kathleen Kirch are all in a little "pod" together. From the map of the room, it looks like we are more at the far end, in the middle of the room. We should be easy to find - we are the loud ones! :lol

FRANKFORD POTTERY: Unfortunately, we will not have finished pieces there to debut. We do not want to rush them and want to be sure that each piece is stellar. We will have bodies of the first two horses to come out on our table. We will be taking names of people who wish to be on the mailing list and added to the lottery for the pieces. I can very excited to say that the first two pieces will be BELLE STARR and VIXEN!! We'll have price info there and as of this moment, they will be limited to only 10, maybe 15 pieces of each.

NEW HORSES! D'Arry will be debuting her new jumping and landing large LB scale ("D'Arry scale") ponies. These little boogers are cute as bugs!

NEW ENGLISH RIDERS! D'Arry will also have the new kid/youth riders which are for the new ponies. These riders can also be used on your "D'Arry scale" LB horses such as Vespers, Belle Starr, etc. They are little huntseat riders, complete with tack.

NEW WESTERN RIDERS! Also being showcased are the new "D'Arry scale" LB and SM sized western pleasure riders! They are classy female western riders for your D'Arry horses. They are so cool and come complete with all tack.

NEW WARMBLOOD RESIN! And last but not least (I think this is everything) D'Arry will be releasing her newest "D'Arry scale" LB warmblood resin mare. This mare is NICE! I already put in my order for one! :yes

I think that is everything......

07-07-2004, 10:48 AM
oooo, I HAVE to see the LB scale WB resin!! too bad I can't ever afford her resins....oh well, maybe someday. :)

thanks for the update! I think you have many of us excited!