View Full Version : Major Thumbs Up to Deborah McDermott @ Gallery of Horses!

01-17-2005, 05:52 AM
:wow Ok, so I ordered my FIRST resin and it was the Deb McDermott SM Arab resin Wild Honey. Well, when he arrived he had not damage to his box or anything but his little tail had broke off. I wrote her and told her about, although I wasn't upset or anything, just wanted to know how to fix it. Well, she wrote back and offered to ship another one and pay for me to ship the other back, and then she offered that if I was going to send her to a painter (which I will be painting her myself) she siad to get the painter to fix it and if there was a charge she would pay for it. Now AGAIN I was not even mildly upset about it as I knew it would be pretty easy to repair, but she went ABOVE AND BEYOND in her offers and I just wanted to give her a big thumbs up/green light for being so kind! And did I mention...WOW on this resin! Holy crap, the detail is unbelievable on such a wittle guy! Just had to let you guys know...check out her stuff, she has two new resins coming out in a couple of day as well