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08-13-2009, 09:39 PM
Blab's Sixth Birthday will be celebrated in the last couple of weeks of September. We need to decorate! So this is an open call to all our graphic artists and aspiring artist folks to come up with some fun stuff.

BIRTHDAY SMILEYS: We have a couple uploaded that could be adapted (1 (http://www.bronzino.net/blab/graphics/2009_birthday/birthday.gif) and 2 (http://www.bronzino.net/blab/graphics/2009_birthday/woohoo.gif)). Or make an entirely new one, fresh from your noggin.

BIRTHDAY SIGNATURES: Small signature images with high resolution (600 x 50) would be most welcome. These signatures could say something like "Celebrating Blab's 6th Birthday." Management or rank and file members can use them to decorate their sigs. You get the idear.

BIRTHDAY NOTICES: See the "Model Horse Blab Photo Show" image in the Notices area above? That's an image I made just for that area with a background that blends. We can use a bunch of these, because we can rotate them dynamically. Please keep sizes to 700 x 100. They can say "Celebrating Blab's 6th Birthday," or "Happy Birthday Blab," etc.

BIRTHDAY PIPS: Don't laugh. What the hell do I mean by "pip"? I mean a small, birthday-themed graphics that we can use to decorate our announcements for the Birthday - there will be lots of them. The smaller, the better, as we usually have to set them alongside text.

Fine Print: All of the material must be completely original. All material is subject to approval by management. Not every work will be included. You must grant Blab the copyright. Not because we're being hoggy, but because we want to have the option to adapt the material for use in the future, and we're simply not a big enough operation to keep track of whom we have to ask and when. And I guess I'm concerned about having Blab's graphics show up somewhere else, if you get my drift.

All submissions can be sent to yours truly via PM or use my email (eliz@modelhorseblab.com). Please get your goodies to me no later than say, hrrmm. September 5, 2009?

08-30-2009, 09:51 PM
Reminder - if you're going to send along graphics for us to use, we need them by Saturday of this week. Thanks!