View Full Version : New Blab Features for Youse

09-24-2009, 09:33 AM
We've been working on some stuff. Nothin' earth-shatteringly fabulous, just things here and there that I think you guys will like, and that I hope will make your stay here on Blab more enjoyable and pleasant.

:thumbsup Off-Topic / Everything Else Photo Galleries: We wanted to give people galleries (http://www.modelhorseblab.com/blabpics/index.php?cat=1616) for photos of their real horses, their cars, their art, their kittehs. Blab isn't just a model horse board. We discuss everything. So we decided to make our visual spaces match the dialogue. Many many thanks to Sharon (camaro88lover), our Gallery Goddess, for doing the work on this. Check out what we've got in there: Gina's Mustang (http://www.modelhorseblab.com/blabpics/showphoto.php?photo=20234), Jamie's Misty (http://www.modelhorseblab.com/blabpics/showphoto.php?photo=19935), Kristen's Art (http://www.modelhorseblab.com/blabpics/showphoto.php?photo=19924). Awesome! PM thanks to Sharon (http://www.modelhorseblab.com/forums/private.php?do=newpm&u=2056) please.

:thumbsup New YouTube Bulletin Board Code: Laura Skillern (TwoFishies) suggested it (thank you Laura!), and I'm happy to say we were able to deliver. You can now embed YouTube videos into your Blab threads. How it is done is explained at the bottom of this page (http://www.modelhorseblab.com/forums/misc.php?do=bbcode). Basically, a typical YouTube link is a whole lotta junk, then an "=" sign and a bunch of letters and numbers that follow. Hit the "YouTube" button on our post editor, and in between the code, you insert the "bunch of letters and numbers" that follow the equals sign in the YouTube link. NOT the whole link.

:thumbsup New Alternative Skin: Some may never have noticed that we have a choice of styles and colors that a user can pick on Blab. Locate the dropdown box in the lower left-hand corner of Blab and you'll see the styles. I added one called "vb37 Alternative." It *isn't* really different than the Original; it just has some code clean up in the nav-bar, advertisers' directory, and I "grounded" the logo area images. We will be adding more skins in a much different color array later. See my Blab Blog (http://www.modelhorseblab.com/forums/blog.php?b=336) for the learning process involved. Nerd or no, it gives you some insight into what's going on behind the scenes at Blab.