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10-13-2009, 11:11 AM
Not sure anyone noticed or not, but I have been off the blab since about BreyerFest (which seems like ages ago!!).

A lot has been going on - and not really model related.....but it has been eating my life and digging into my model horse time dramatically!!!!

First off - I'm happy to annouce that Merlin (my tovero spotted draft gelding) will be featured on a TV show called "Saddle Up with Dennis Brouse". If anyone is on facebook, check out my page (if you aren't already listed as one of my friends, send a request!). I posted pictures of the filming what I could (hard since I was in the view of the camera so much). But Dennis focus' on horses with issues - Merlin's issue?! LAZY! This horse won't move, won't budge. There were 300 horses who auditioned for the 13 slots available and Merlin made the cut! We spent the month of September doing filming and working with Dennis and the assistant trainer (Lyle) almost daily. VERY TIME CONSUMING! But what was found in the end isn't that Merlin is lazy, as much as Merlin is defiant and a bully...to me. I would get frustrated and give up, thus, he wins! How do you get a 2000 pound horse to get motivated?! LOL But in the end, we now have Merlin riding down the road on this own, dropping his head so I can put a bridle on him (even when his head is at a natural height, I can't reach his ears!), stand quietly and unattended so that I can mount with my new mounting block, he will turn with leg pressures, "whoa" is a bit of an issue sometimes..., backs up (a little - that was something new he learned), and he moves forward when I ask. HUGE IMPROVEMENT! The show could be exciting. The first time I got on with Dennis there, he DUMPED ME! I haven't been tossed off a horse since I was 14 years old....needless to say it was humbling and painful! He first reared up, spun around, and then kicked up the hind end and then I went flying. Landed about 12' away on my neck and shoulder. But I got right back up and got back on. There was a comedy of errors that made him do that (he had NEVER bucked before!) but now, we have that problem fixed. I'm not sure if they will show the dump off on the show or not, but they may. It will be good for a chuckle! lol The show will air with Season 3 of the show, which the network hasn't decided if it will start airing in February or May. The show is on Public Television (PBS) on Saturday mornings here at 8am.

On top of doing the show, they did hours and hours of filming and interviewing me about model horses, my Breyer collection, showing, painting, etc. So I did about 5 hours of actual interview time and of course lots of show and tell! We got into my tack box, looking at customs, resins, plastics. Explaining remaking, the resin casting process and how they are limited, etc. Depending on what the editing company does, the model horse side may end up in it's own episode. They did lots of filming in the store (Triple B Models) and in my studio. I had horses in my studio which were in various stages of work (not prepped, sanded, primed, gesso, painting started, details left, etc.) so that I could explain everything. I was name dropping for all you artists out there that I could that I had your stuff on my table....Lynn Fraley, Stacy Tumlinson, Sue Kern, Danelle Vierkant, Rikki Lyman, etc. And of course I mentioned the resin castors - Resins by Randy, Mountainview...and the plastics makers - Peter Stone and Breyer. There was so much to talk about and not enough time!!

In my personal life...my job has been kicking my butt. 14 hour days at the hospital. But that is easing up a bit and I'm back to a somewhat normal work schedule again.

My boyfriend has been a wonderful inspiration in getting some works done. He will be cutting his first CD in a few weeks. He is a wonderful pianist (aside from being a horse trainer as well). He makes up all his own stuff and plays like Bethevon.

My life has slowed down..things calmed down...and I'll be back in my studio on a regular basis and hopefully inspired to create some beauties!!

10-13-2009, 11:59 AM
Lisa it's sooo good to see you!!!! I've been wondering where the heck you run off to:hugg Sounds like life has been exciting! Hope to see you around more and see lovelies coming out of the studio:grin

10-13-2009, 12:16 PM
Good to see you back Lisa!! :hugg

10-13-2009, 01:06 PM
I've been wondering where you were as well! Sounds like you've had quite the adventure! Congrats!