1. Adventures in manes and tails

    Okay.....so manes and tails really needs a certain type of tool. One I do not possess right now at this instant. So what I ended up with is a mane that looks raggedy and the tail isn't too bad, but not what you'd find on a nice resin. I will probably have to wait and try to make a waste mold and then attack the hair. Here's my attempt so far. lol
    Oh well, I've only been working on her ...
  2. Guillotine! MUAHAHAHAH!

    WTF?!?! What have you done to me?
  3. Musculature on the TB

    Okay so it's hard to find a nice book to reference what muscles attach where on the bones. It kinda ends up as a jumble of overlapping stringy pieces of meat on a horse shaped structure. Kinda like untangling a necklace. Well, here's how far I got:
    The neck is mostly done. I lengthened the 'head' and blocked out the cheeks.
    I keep moving and shaving off the belly and end up with a shifted ...
  4. Racehorse...Part Deux

    Okay getting tired and hands are cramping, but will I be able to stop?
    Here she is so far.
    I know the hardest part will be when to stop with the details.
    I should be able to be done with the blocking out of the body tomorrow...if I still feel inspired.
    I'm most worried about the head. I know she'll end up with hammer head or something.
  5. To Race Horse or Not to Race Horse

    Okay, I'm trying here to make a race horse. Here's the armature.
    He...er...she(?!?) is to be about 3 1/2 inches tall. I never actually did a standing horse first and am freaked out about the conformation. I can always hack it apart and redo it when I'm done, but I'm afraid I'll be too lazy. Plus it's expensive to make a resin if noone likes it.
    So gameplan right now it to sculpt...sculpt...sculpt ...
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