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  1. Leaving to pick up two PMU foals...


    We are driving 6-7 hours to Swift-current (Don't know how it is spelled) Canada, staying overnight there, and driving home the next day with two babies.

    Theoden, our colt, and another filly. We have been getting our trailer ready for them. They have not been handled at all, really, and they will be riding loose. Our trailer is a Gooseneck two horse, extra wide, with full living quarters. We are providing lots of bedding for them, so they should be OK. Last time,

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  2. Painting A...


    Yes you read that right, I am painting a trad resin.

    I can already hear the resin collectors screaming, "You did what? Who was it? Is it still/going to be Ok?"

    Never fear you resin people, the pony should be OK... Maybe...

    Well, just thought you all should be forewarned.

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  3. Started riding a Chesnut, TB, Mare!

    Thought I would post some pictures of Tonks, my mothers TB mare, that I have recently taken over riding.

    My mom has her rescue TB that she is retraining, and she is training for an ultra-marathon, so she doesn't have enough time to ride Tonks. So, I decided that since Scot does not like jumping, I would try and turn Tonks into a Hunter.

    Tonks is a true chesnut mare. She is big, very fast, doesn't like any contact, ect.

    But, she is very sweet. (She ...

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  4. Website is Up!

    Yes, My website is up! That is my photography website of course.

    I worked for hours yesterday battling my computer (Filezilla was being a bad) and my lack of expearance, and finally got the gallery working. I even have a front page!

    So here it is, far from complete, but working!

    I hope to get an Order page up and an About Me page up in the near future.

    My brain still hurts from ...
  5. Scot's Blog - Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

    Hello again!

    Mary asked for a picture of me, so I thought I would get Ellie to post one.

    Here I am jumping, not something that I love doing, but it makes Ellie happy. Please ignore the look on her face, she doesn't look like that all the time.

    No word on when Thay the PMU colt is going to be coming. Everyone is getting a little anxious.

    Mary also ...

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    Scot's Blog
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