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  1. PennsylvaniaDust's Avatar
    I would also think that rose grey is grey and rose put together. But your horse looks beautiful!
  2. rocket's Avatar
    Wow neat, I think if you do another try to use the paint thinned out so it shows the leather off more?
  3. Mary's Avatar
    Very cool! I like it.
  4. Espirit's Avatar
    :cheer:cheercool iv been looking for some good deals
    Updated 10-09-2010 at 09:05 PM by Espirit
  5. NatalieK's Avatar
    Whoa! That's awesome! You might have to make me a pleasure harness for my Yankee II resin. :D
  6. NatalieK's Avatar
    Ooh! Great deal! I need to check out my Tuesday morning, as well. I would sell it and go buy two more. :)
  7. dapple's Avatar
    Thanks! I just entered a different photo of this model in my first performance photo show.
  8. saddletackmaker's Avatar
    hey that really looks great.