1. Christmas is two days away!

    Can I ask where the time has gone?

    I'm sure I will be out and about tomorrow. I feel like I am forgetting many many things. I need to hit the store tomorrow and pick up stuff needed for the dinner. (Along with everyone elses family members.)

    My mom and I always head out on Christmas eve just to shop. We are not looking for anything in particular, just out and about. We will have lunch and then hit the stores. Head home and rush around getting everything together.
    Happy Daze
  2. whats hanging around in the studio WIP

    it's Sunday morning... make that afternoon. It's quite and calm.The weather has dropped dramatically in temperature, which i enjoy greatly. Here's a little cm that seems to keep staring at me untill i finish it. Whay do I leave him on the desk you ask?

    if i pack him away into the closet he will not see the light of day ever again lol. Just ask my unfinished MH Remus and breyer clyde mare..
  3. ARG! just can't seem to concentrate!!

    wtf i can't seem to concentrate on anything tonight. I'm trying to get a slice of art finished in PSP and I am constantly finding my self wandering here and there on the Internet doing other things.
  4. Things to remember and NOT do while out job hunting :)

    1. Don't wear the clothes you went to bed in. Wrinkles and body order just don't cut it.

    2. Don't wear your favorite orange t-shirt that says 'You know what your problem is your an IDIOT!' Yes it might be your favorite but remember your body is a statement... even if you think they really are an idiot.

    3. Jeans with holes that show your bum off will NOT get you bonus points.Nor will wearing a tight shirt that shows cleavage. Unless your applying for a pole dancing position. ...

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    Funny Crap
  5. The blog about nothing.

    If your a seinfeld fan then Congrats! you know what the title of my blog means. Completely random every day crap that seems funny. Maybe not to all but heck it's worth a shot to make someone on this freakin forum laugh no?

    I enjoyed seeing my first circus in nearly 20 years.I think i laughed and enjoyed it more then the five and six year olds around me. I also found a few of its members quite attractive !! (woohoo!) nuff said.

    ok so here's April's random LOL pic of ...

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    Happy Daze