Random musings

I'm not sure that I'll have a consistent theme for this blog It could be model horses, it could be music, it could be books, who knows? But I thought it could be fun to play around and see if anyone's interested in reading.

  1. Musical high

    So this weekend was a big music weekend for me. Two concerts in two days, though I only performed in one. But last night's concert was also significant for me.

    In my other blog post way back when, I talked about finally writing some more music. Well, arranging it. I arranged "You Walk With Me" by David Yazbek from the musical The Full Monty. Absolutely gorgeous piece, so hubby wanted me to arrange it for his French horn ensemble.

    So last night they performed ...
  2. I finally wrote music again

    So my undergraduate degree is Music Theory and Composition (Ohio State, 1997). At one point I thought I'd be a renowned composer of fine concert band literature. I even have one published piece (a clarinet quartet). Then life happened. Nothing bad, really, just having to make a living doing something unrelated, getting married, moving, grad school, renovating a house, etc., etc., etc. It seems like it's always one thing after another that keeps me too busy to do anything else.


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