1. Recollections of the NPOD

    NOTE: This is a dramatized, fictionalized version of what could happen to a model horse enthusiast in the Ninja Pit of Death.

    My t-shirt read "I'll Stop Collecting When I'm Dead". As it turns out, that may have happened far sooner than I expected, all thanks to the Ninja Pit.

    What started out as an ordinary Breyerfest took a terrible turn for the worse. I remember lining up at 2 a.m., hopefully to be in the first group in. I remember strategizing ...
  2. Shoooooooooooow Prep!!

    * Warning*: The following blog post contains the rant of a youmg hobbyist who has no intention of keeping a direct train of thought. Viewer discretion is advised.
    So. I'm going to South Jersey Classic on August 10. I would go to Intermediare or Intersport, but the classes are SO CONFUSIFYING and it's not a really important show for me and this school year I really have to focus on grades so even though I hate it I'll have to cut back on the shows I show at.

    Anyway this ...
  3. NPOD

    What exactly is the fabled "Ninja Pit of Death" mentioned in the same breath as Breyerfest and the fiery depths of Hell.

    The name, coined by Blab's very own Breyer History Diva (we all know who you are!) has recently been made into a t-shirt that has confused the minors who spend their free time on Breyer's forums.

    The "NPOD" is used to represent the Friday Morning sale at Breyerfest where goodies such as old SRs and WEGs and Connoisseurs (oh my!) are ...
  4. The Perks of Documentation

    I showed at a 4H show recently, it was Berks Saddle-ites 4th Annual LIVE model horse show. I had a good time with my homegirls, bought 2 new horses (a Stone Morgan & Ballou), and got exactly 1 placing.

    First of all, I am one of those people who are crazy-intense about my model's placings, I just don't show it often. I'm not going to get into how all of my other, pretty models didn't place and the judging debacle.

    My model which placed was my Freedom Bloody Shoulder ...
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  5. Spotlight: Flirt

    Hey, everyone! I'm DH Friday Flirt, but everyone calls me Flirt. I'm an OF Breyer Bet Yer Blue Boons.[INDENT]This is going to be a weekly post, with a different model posting every week or so. I'm first because I'm first in everything! I don't mean to brag, but it's true. At Crab, my debut show in Region 9, where I currently live at Double Heart Stables with my owner, Strapless, I got 2 firsts and 2 NAN cards. Since then, I have dominated photo shows![/INDENT]

    I haven't been back in ...