She Sells Seabiscuits by the Seashore

notes from someone who can remember the Elephant, Mustang, and others in a store window on her street at age five, who has held onto her models since then, and is back being busy with them after necessitated real life breaks

  1. My beautiful modles are not helping anyone on my shelf!

    I was looking at the web site of the horse shelter I am supporting through model sales. Bleahh! Look: [URL][/URL]
    Poor horsies! This is why I wanted to make them a holiday gift, but it will be a while before all the funds are ready in PayPal. In the meantime I am enjoying the models I do have before anyone ends up buying them, though sales over the holidays have picked up. I'm waiting ...
  2. Out With the New, In With the Old!

    Today I both sold my New Mold Proud Arabian Mare to someone in Switzerland (boo hoo, except that... read on...) and won a great condition Old Mold PAM in glossy alabaster. Can't wait to see-- how historic and exciting! I read about the story in the 1970s but never actually acquired one. Ever wondered about close comparisons besides the famous left splayed leg and Breyer stamp? Here you go... note left ear, nostril, back leg, etc...
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  3. She Sells Seabiscuits by the Seashore?

    So I've continued full swing into cleaning up and photographing vintage models, then posting them for sale to make donations to the MSPCA horse shelter. I've wanted to do this for years, especially after reading about hungry horses given up after the crash of 2007, but only figured everything out recently. In the meantime, it is thrilling finally to see the horses I never could as a kid except in my vague memories of the ones in the window (e.g. Mustang, Elephant, etc.) of the store on my street ...