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  1. Model Horse Pride

    [LEFT]It's a pretty common trend, regardless your age. Teenagers get picked at for "playing with toys" and adults get picked at for "spending exorbitant amounts of money on toys". It's human nature to judge what you do not understand, or to judge someone for something that is otherwise foreign to them. We see this happen in more basic forms when someone picks on another person for wearing their hair in a way that is different from the majority of other people.
  2. Rise from the Ashes

    ([I]Warning, Long, Semi-Personal Story coming up... read at your own risk, prepare to be bored[/I])

    So, once more I find myself staring at this familiar text box, plumming my mind for the right words to put in line with the feelings I have running through my mind.

    I have not posted in a few years due to an awful and very personal injustice being dealt to me by none other than the company that I used to openly and proudly defend with both my words and my pocketbook. I was ...

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  3. Shadow of Colossus - It all fades...

    At first, it was just a show name for a horse I hadn't even created. But it has turned into a very symbolic sentiment to me.

    I suppose I should start by explaining a bit more. I have always loved and supported the Peter Stone Company. Their models are what rocketed me back into the hobby full force. I was a buying machine. In my year back in the hobby... just one year, I've likely spent over 8,000 USD on horses. 5,000 USD easily going towards them. One of my absolute prides is my American ...

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  4. Model Horse Motives

    "I want that"

    That phrase often comes to mind when I see a new horse. Sometimes it doesn't matter the make, model, color, or scale. I see it, I want it, I must have it. But then I snap back to reality and realize that being a Manager at a Hotel doesn't really rake in the booty to toss on any and every model that I see. Additionally, while I feel my living accommodations are nicer than the others in my area I have come to peace with the realization that my house could not possibly ...
  5. The Black Hole Collector (what type are you?)

    It sounds so cryptic, doesn't it? But, recently I realized I am one of those "black-hole collectors" that I've often heard about. The term came about when a collector and her friend found out I had purchased a custom that they had been interested in. They saw what I had the high bid and won the horse. Then, the comment was made to me: "Well I guess I'm just going to have to order a similar one, because Pompeii's bookshelves are like black holes. Once she buys a horse, I never see ...
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