Miss Twist

  1. The Special One

    I recently traded a model for in exchange for a model I was dying to have for months. A friend had purchased a model from the Stone Company for me, treating it like a no-interest layaway. When I had the money, I would purchase the horse from her. I was very glad she struck this deal with me, as I had this horse on layaway once before and couldn't afford her. Every time a sale would pop up I would watch my One of a Kind Performance Horse's price drop and I thought "Surely, this would be the ...
  2. Hobby or Community? I choose Hobby.

    This hobby has been quite an experience for me. To be honest, everything was much simpler and I was much happier before I introduced the human element to my model horse collection.

    When I started recollecting in April of 2011 (I stopped in 2006 since I couldn't afford it anymore) I did not interact with anyone within the hobby. I bought horses off of Ebay, paid the order and received the horse. Eventually I made my way to Model Horse Sales Pages and began buying from hobbyists. I will ...
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