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  1. Saddle's not just a suggestion

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    Flick was off for a few weeks with a sore back this month. I thought the sore spot was caused by a blanket "overgirth" due to placement of it on his back. He was mega itchy there and yes, had a spot where the skin/hair had died and was pulling away from the rest of the skin. I had noticed that his saddle didn't have the clearance it used to have up front but put that down as a minor issue. My barn owner, Kim, thought it was from a larger saddle fit issue and him being a little more down
  2. Catchin' up...

    Wow, me bad!

    Sorry, it's been awhile... so you're getting the wholesale "what's up"!

    Flick: doing fine, enjoying stashing mud where brushes can't get or is hard to get out. Would rather be living naked but deals well with having a broom taken to his blanket with him in. (It's easier and the strange looks are entertaining.) Recent photos available on Jennifer Buxton's blog -

    Job: yah, zilch. Did not get the last job I interviewed
  3. Things, Stuff and Crap

    This waiting thing for the job interview results is annoying. I also was stupid and figured out that I have applied for 82 design jobs and about 10 office type jobs since mid August. I did NOT NEED to know that. I KNOW I've been applying for just about anything that resembles something I could actually do. Depression-worthy statistics are not necessary.

    But, one week of waiting down, one to go. This would go faster if there was less agonizing waiting time and I could find other interesting
  4. One down, one to go

    Found a PT job making flyers for a realtor on Craigslist Friday night. Now, real estate is a bit of a dirty word with the previous work I've done BUT... I can market that crap. And, income is income. Plus, what was I losing out if I didn't call? So, I called and had an interview today at 3pm.

    Aced that interview. Had them eating out of my hands in under 10 minutes. I am in the driver's seat here! I will limited by their budget and my imagination...oh, darn!

    So, I will be
  5. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


    The Good - I have a job interview Monday! We're crossing fingers...and body parts.

    The Bad - The overall quality of the "big" Grand Prix at Stock Show. There were a couple of really good rounds but then there were some really not so good rounds.

    The Ugly - the upcoming dentist visit where I get TWO teeth repaired that were damanged, by popcorn, while at the GP!

    C'est la vie
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