1. La la diddidi...

    :D Hee.

    I don't know what I was wanting to say, so I'll just be silly!



    *twirls about*




    Crazy, man!

    I'm so sweepy, I'm giddy. AND, I had PIZZA! YIKES!
  2. Oh, and is it just me, or has there been a serious lack

    of Blogging lately?!

    I know it's the busy season, but I wanna know what everyone's doing! :evilwoo

    On a side note...No one so far, has even commented on my doing the trick that GETS you Mardi Gras beads lol.... Thread in Of Topic

    I WANNA BE FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am dying of curiosity as well! Come on Blabbers! SPILL THE BEANS!

    I'll show you mine if you show me yours! :hubba ...
  3. YAY I feel so accomplished! And other Helleny stuff

    Got a lot done today :-)

    And my MIL is doing great in her rehab, the nurse's say she's a very good patient!

    The Hubby can dress himself :woot AND, the Tree People came out, it won't be too expensive to remove some branches of our Elm Tree, AND thhe SEWER People came out and routed out some tree roots! WOOHOO!

    HOPEFULLY, that's all that needs to be done for a while.... wait! I need to call the Cable Co.... I'll do that soon. Maybe Friday.

  4. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Hubby is going to go to work tomorrow :woot

    :-) He so wants to go, and I'm going to ride in with him. We need to get his accident report from City Hall, and then I'll stay to go with him to the eye dr. to get his glasses fixed. YIPPEE!

    Here's to normalcy!

    THEN, I need to get home, call the tree people, and the sewer people (It's tree root removal time again!), and get ready for a meeting at 6:30pm!

    My MIL may have to stay there in the ...
  5. Forgot.. the thing I learned about myself that I didn't know

    I didn't KNOW I could BE that calm! Had NO idea... I haven't always been calm in a crisis, but Wed. the 19th, I had to deal with TWO of them! And I handled them with a hell of a lot more grace than I ever thought I could. USUALLY, I wanna curl up and have a good cry! Now, I credit a lot of that to having no CHOICE! AND, that I had my PHONE on me, and my LOVELY Bluetooth, which enabled me to talk AND drive with two hands on the wheel, and the realisation that I was the ONLY one who could do this, ...
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