Election 2008 - POTUS

  1. What the next POTUS could do to the economy

    Recently many prominent economists say that the gov’t policies enacted since mid-Sep. to rescue the financial implosion are working. Stopped a crash that could have triggered another Great Depression. They believe these actions will put the U.S. and global economy back on a strong recovery starting this spring. Forbes, Wall St. Journal, non-columnists, etc.

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  2. Prediction for the next POTUS

    Welcome to Election 2000, excuse me I mean 2008

    This is my swag estimate of how the electoral college will come out, based on CNN polling data as of today.

    (All states except Maine and Nebraska cast 100% of their electoral votes to the winner of the state popular vote. Maine (4) and Nebraska (5) have a procedure that allocates the votes.)

    According to my dig into the numbers, once again the voting-problem-plagued state of Florida could decide the election. ...

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    Election 2008 - POTUS
  3. Studying the electoral college votes

    CNN has the best stats easily accessible to regular people. Based on some poll or other they've allocated all the states and their electoral votes as committed, leaning and undecided for each of the candidates.

    According to the CNN map, based on committed and leaning states, both candidates need less than 100 more electoral votes to win.

    The 'undecided' state that could decide it all - FLORIDA. Geez Luweeze. Betting the voting machines are not really any ...
  4. Those VP running mates

    I count myself among those whose jaw dropped thinking McCain might have insanely punted the election when I first heard his VP pick was a woman mid-first-term governor of Alaska.

    O. M. G. - - what has he done?

    However, a very insightful friend and fellow McCain supporter kept saying “Brilliant. Brilliant.”

    It is?

    O. M. G. - - it is!

    A week and a half later into a new reality, on the strength of one electrifying convention ...

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    Election 2008 - POTUS