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  1. Check your Blog settings - can others read it?

    You may need to change some settings to make your entries visible! s
  2. the upgrade - didn't go when scheduled!

    I was so hoping to get that upgrade done! But I missed in terms of the gallery being ready to upgrade at the same time. What does "ready any day now" mean?

    But it looks like the solution is indeed just around the corner ...

    I won't notify of an upgrade again until the gallery is a definite. Thanks for everyone's patience!

  3. 2010 Blab! soldiers on ...

    Hopefully members have seen this announcement about changes to Blab in 2010. The major upgrade with articles feature was released by the software vendor much earlier than expected!

    Upgrade doesn't seem to be an adequate word for the changes this will bring. Although the forums and basic Blab-ness of Blab will carry on as always, the opportunities offered by the upgrade are taking the whole Blab experience to a new level.

    As this is written the ...
  4. Blab notes - just general stuff

    Secret Santa is in full swing! So many Blabber enjoy this, many many thanks to Stitch/April Currier and her helpers for making it happen this year.

    The medallion photo show is getting a lot of interest and attention. What a great opportunity to show off some classy medallions! Thanks to Liz, Sharon and their helpers for making this another successful photo show. Not too late to enter!

    The Halloween photo contest had the most entries ever. ...
  5. Misc. Blab Stuff

    Very big thanks to Liz / bronzino for all the techie stuff she has done and is doing for Blab. Liz likes that nerd stuff and Blab is doing as much as it can to keep her entertained.

    Liz is researching the issue and solutions for several members who Blab keeps logging off - how frustrating. Right now it appears it's all to do with cookies, and it's rather odd that everyone isn't suffering, just a few. She's also following up how Blab statuses threads for the viewers' view ...
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