1. Turn Clever Allemont Into A Breyer!

    [QUOTE=MistressEquus17;2396316]Not to negate or make little the other petition in here (talk about poor timing on my part!), but I have been trying to petition to get Clever Allemont of Old Friends made into a Breyer portrait model...as I think a lot of us might consider him to be good ambassador to Old Friends...and his story is truly incredible - with the number of people that helped with his rescue, etc.

    I know there are MANY of the Old Friends that are applicable...but Clever ...
  2. Old Friends Visit Breyerfest 2013

    [QUOTE=MistressEquus17;2392216]FINALLY got around to posting this video together! :)

    Bet you can't guess who my favorite is! ;)

  3. Hard To Believe

    [QUOTE=MistressEquus17;2072986]Just posting this because it's so incredibly hard for me to believe a whole year has passed, to the day, that I had to make the most difficult decision of my 23 year-old life, thus far...

    Losing Reign was a terrific tragedy, and I miss him still so much that it hurts sometimes. Most of the people around me simply don't seem to understand the type of impact this horse had on me and my life. He was my everything, and I suppose it was naive of me to put ...
  4. Critique For Cash? (please play nice)

    [QUOTE=MistressEquus17;1953950]Hello everyone!

    As some of you may know, I purchased a 4 year-old OTTB gelding this past January. He recently turned 5 at the end of February and has put on almost 4 inches since I got him. He was around 16hh and weighed 1,017lbs (by a TSC measuring tape, that is) when I initially weighed him in January and now stands roughly 16.2hh and weighs around 1,095lbs (again, by the same TSC tape).

    Right now, I am working him in modest terms, doing ...
  5. Pictures of My New Boy - "Cash"

    Thanks, everyone! I am so nervous and excited about him...darn this weather!

    As promised - PICTURES!!!!

    His expressions remind me SO much of Reign...and his easy-going eye is uncanny...


    He couldn't decide what marking to have...so he has a "splotch" strip, snip, and a milk mustache. :D

    [IMG]http://i1260.photobucket.com/albums/ii574/MistressEquus17/Cash/cash1.jpg[/IMG] ...
    Tags: new horse, ottb
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