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  1. Fall Updates


    I bought a Lynn Fraley medallion and I signed up for the stablemates club. Hopefully Breyer won't disappoint me this time :gaah

    oh well.

    ta ta for now :hey
  2. Polo Wraps!

    Although I cannot make much for the plastic ponies, I have started making polo wraps. So far I have white and Light blue. They're for sale on my Etsy page, PaddockPortraits!

    white polos.jpg
    blue polos.jpg
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  3. The Struggles of Collecting in College

    I have a basement and a bedroom full of plastic (and 3 resin) ponies. After some number crunching, I discovered that I own 150+ models and way too many bodies.
    So you guys can all feel my disappointment when I toured Darton State College to discover that the dorms do not have any shelves. None. At all. Sure, I have my own bedroom and bathroom. Okay, fine, there's free wifi and freshmen can bring their cars. Moral of the story is that I have no space for the herd.
    However, I couldn't ...
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  4. New halters

    A criollo halter made for the Aurelius model and a lush green presentation set.




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  5. Review and Building of the Breyer Wood Stable

    Well, Iíve been getting art done for some time so I think I can take a break to share my stable-building adventures with you all. :blueflower

    (The full review was also posted on the Arena but since I'm keeping this blog up to date with my main blog, a link to the original post is also below.)

    :kittylove[COLOR=#dda0dd][I][B]([/B][/I][I][B]This post has more pics than I can post here so please click [URL=""]HERE[/URL] ...
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