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  1. Rainbow is HERE!!!!

    Wow... she's gorgeous. I really want her, I haven't seen her before. I am waiting to get Thunderstorm and Sunny. I have the third one, I'm in a contest to win Rainbow. I horse left to go!!! So excited!!!!

    [QUOTE=anna0981;1640631]She's here, she's here. :woohoo She is clear and oh so cool! Hope everyone enjoys!
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  2. Breyer Holiday Horses

    How much is an entire collection of Breyer's line of holiday horses worth? If they are all new in the box? :gallop
  3. hey! its jumperdoc12! im new here:)

    hey guys! im new at collecting model horses, and i just joined ModelHorseBlab! i just thought i should tell you guys a lil about myself:) i own an AWESOME horse named Doc! he's my lifee! we show in jumpers and sometimes hunters too! :gallop he's a bay thoroughbred gelding, 16.3hh

    Anyways, you guys should add me on [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE] youtube!! LaurenDoc4 is my username; add me?
  4. Model Horse Picture SHow Breeds?!!!

    [B]okay hey guys! im pretty new to model horse collecting/ showing, and i was wondering what breed/classes you guys would show these horses in in a picture show on youtube/ internet:[/B]
    :gallop Sato, Secritariat, Kripton Seni ||, Grey and White paint pony, and the Clydesdale Filly(2007 model)

    [B]thank you!!!!!!!!!![/B] :3drool:sun:lmao:gallop:cake:rays:doh:tantrum:bloom:hello haha thanks!
  5. Model Show Soon: Any Breed Advice?

    hey im new here but im going to a model horse show soon. i was wondering if you have any tips on breeds for these models besides obvious things like paint, appy, etc. here they are!

    Let's Go Riding Cody Model (besides paint)
    Hank (besides appy)
    Let's Go Riding English Marabella Model (besides morgan)
    Smarty Jones (besides Thoroughbred, Barb maybe?)
    Stage Mom (thinking of Karabair, no good?)
    Isadora Cruce (besides Mustang)
    S Justadream (besides arabian) ...
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