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  1. Crazy Ladies 7 - 29 days to go and Lonestar raffle

    Unsolicited plug, cuz I can...

    Crazy Ladies 7 - on Halloween
    ALL yellow card - NO halter or performance classes. Separate Hartland, CMG , AR, CM, Breyer and Stone divisions. Proxy showing available - you just need to find the person to do it. Space for in person entries is available!

    Location: Parker Senior Center, Parker, CO

    Benefit for the show: Unpainted Lonestar WITH paint slot with Sheila Anderson Bishop - any solid color! (Appy/pinto markings are
  2. Ego Boost

    Okay, had the interview on Friday for the one job that contacted me. It's in Boulder and for a promotional products company. They liked the fact that I have done a little of everything, which is not usually the case. I'm worried as they need more web knowledge than I have but I think I conveyed the fact that I would be open to learning it. MUCH better situation IMO than what I have. Of course, not much could be WORSE than my current situation IMO. I am thinking I should hear back from them THIS ...
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    Job Woes
  3. I won!!!

    Sorry, this was totally unconnected with that last post...

    But I entered Susan Bensema Young's lottery and won!!! I'm getting a bosal/mecate with show headstall made! I fell in love with the red/black/white set that she put up on eBay a few months ago. Not so much the braid as I decided I HAD TO HAVE a bosal and mecate like that.

    And I got lucky Goooooooooooo me!

    A LONG time ago, I had a saddle seat double bridle by her that I sold off when I had
  4. I am loved...

    Ah, the love...

    And no, not from the hubby or the horse or the parents.

    I actually had people contact me regarding employment opportunites! Amazing!

    The first was a pre-screening (before deciding who to interview) call for a company I just sent off my resume for the unemployment end of things. I mean, yes, I could do it but seriously doubted I would get any play off of it. But I got called! Quite lovely. Let's see where that goes.

    The second was
    Job Woes
  5. Indy at the car show!

    I was happy to attend a cruise-in car show at the local Char-Grill here in Cary, NC. We brought our Nova and enjoyed spending time walking around and taking pictures. :)

    [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] ...
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