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  1. My hand-woven halters





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  2. Introductions

    I am rather new to model horse collecting, but have managed to round up some nice horses and even started making halters for them! So in this blog I want to share my collection and my works with people who might appreciate it :) Here are my works. Hope you enjoy them!

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  3. Dilema: New Model or New Art Supplies?

    Anyone else have this problem? I sold enough models to buy an SM resin of my choice and have some money left over, or I have enough money to buy a cheap airbrush set that comes with 3 airbrushes and a compressor that comes recommended by a model horse artist and several artists on youtube as a good beginner set. On one hand, maybe a new method of painting is what I need to get out of my artistic slump. Prepping for pastels drives me CRAZY and then I still get grain. Perhaps base coating with acrylics ...

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  4. Pining for Models

    I feel like I only post here to complain about the models I want to buy! LOL. Little Bronna was released and I adore her and want one to piant! Was digging through my body box, but couldn't find anyone I wanted to part with T-T UGH. also want a Midnight Heather, a Peanut, a Popcorn, Goblin, Zug. But I have to keep reminding myself that I am saving to go to back to Japan and to pay off my student loans. I bought casting materials this month which put me back $40. Le sigh. Maybe I should just sell ...
  5. Model Horse Pride

    [LEFT]It's a pretty common trend, regardless your age. Teenagers get picked at for "playing with toys" and adults get picked at for "spending exorbitant amounts of money on toys". It's human nature to judge what you do not understand, or to judge someone for something that is otherwise foreign to them. We see this happen in more basic forms when someone picks on another person for wearing their hair in a way that is different from the majority of other people.