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  1. Free Online Photo Shows?

    Does anyone know about any good FREE online photo shows?? I've been collecting breyers for about 5 years and I really want to start showing, but want to start out online. I alo don't know if I am going to like it, so that is why I would like it to be completely free.
    Any suggestions will help! Thanks! :toothy
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  2. Shows for an eager shower...

    Hi all,

    I live in Ohio and I was wondering if there will be any model horse shows? I am just starting to get back into the hobby and am just loving it!

  3. Updates and Such :)

    I'm relatively bored so that means blogging time!

    New models:
    Mont Tremblant! (story on her a little later)
    Dapple Gray SBW
    G2 Red Roan Shetland pony, a PIF from mechanicaljen :D
    Another body or 2 for the Painted Pony project

    Mont Tremblant's Story:
    Upon hearing I won her, my first thought was "how am I going to pay for this horse?" So I talked my parents into going 50/50 with me. She arrived later in the week, absolutely ...
  4. Pictures of My New Boy - "Cash"

    Thanks, everyone! I am so nervous and excited about him...darn this weather!

    As promised - PICTURES!!!!

    His expressions remind me SO much of Reign...and his easy-going eye is uncanny...


    He couldn't decide what marking to he has a "splotch" strip, snip, and a milk mustache. :D

    [IMG][/IMG] ...
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  5. 2012 breyer treasure hunt...?

    what molds are they on this year? i love to do these but i havent heard anything about a treasure hunt this year! :tantrum soooo is there even a tresaure hunt this year?