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  1. hi! : )

    Meet Indy, the foal. he's a friendly little fellow who enjoys traveling, taking pictures, and hanging out with friends.

    occasionally he'll be joined by his friend, Jones...
    [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] ...
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  2. RMR report

    I love fall in Colorado - lots of model horse shows.

    I hate fall in Colorado - lots of model horse shows!

    This weekend was Rocky Mountain Rendezvous, up in Grand Lake. This is generally not my favorite show - it's a PITA to get to and Grand Lake has even less amenities than my home town (which has no stop light).

    I was hoping to leave early on Friday but ended up working longer than I expected at my contract job. (Oh well!) I still got up there before the brats
  3. HA! HA!

    Well, I got the mail today since I wasn't home to get it Friday or Saturday and I got paperwork from the Department of Labor.

    My IDIOT boss did NOT send back the paperwork so he can NOT dispute my unemployment claim.

    As long as I work under 32 hrs a week, I will be paid 25% of that in unemployment and there's NOTHING he can do about it. If he chooses to have me work full time, it's in my favor. If he fires me because of the unemployment claim, it's wrongful termination
    Job Woes
  4. Misc. Blab Stuff

    Very big thanks to Liz / bronzino for all the techie stuff she has done and is doing for Blab. Liz likes that nerd stuff and Blab is doing as much as it can to keep her entertained.

    Liz is researching the issue and solutions for several members who Blab keeps logging off - how frustrating. Right now it appears it's all to do with cookies, and it's rather odd that everyone isn't suffering, just a few. She's also following up how Blab statuses threads for the viewers' view ...
  5. Life, with a chance of meatballs

    (Yes, I want to go see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Still not sure about 9.)

    There's a lot of 2009 I wish I could have missed or slept through. I like to sleep as a defense mechanism or to relieve boredom. I could have missed SO MUCH stuff so happily! (But not the hobby events...)

    New things since I last typed:

    Mom has skin cancer removal out patient surgery next month. She's BTDT so I'm not so worried. I do wonder how she gets this stuff as she's not