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  1. The Struggles of Collecting in College

    I have a basement and a bedroom full of plastic (and 3 resin) ponies. After some number crunching, I discovered that I own 150+ models and way too many bodies.
    So you guys can all feel my disappointment when I toured Darton State College to discover that the dorms do not have any shelves. None. At all. Sure, I have my own bedroom and bathroom. Okay, fine, there's free wifi and freshmen can bring their cars. Moral of the story is that I have no space for the herd.
    However, I couldn't ...
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  2. New halters

    A criollo halter made for the Aurelius model and a lush green presentation set.




  3. Review and Building of the Breyer Wood Stable

    Well, I’ve been getting art done for some time so I think I can take a break to share my stable-building adventures with you all. :blueflower

    (The full review was also posted on the Arena but since I'm keeping this blog up to date with my main blog, a link to the original post is also below.)

    :kittylove[COLOR=#dda0dd][I][B]([/B][/I][I][B]This post has more pics than I can post here so please click [URL=""]HERE[/URL] ...
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  4. A change in direction...

    So… Yesterday’s outing turned out to be quite significant!

    Before leaving the house I’d been lurking on Model Horse Blab and came across a thread that discussed the showing of Classic models (the focus of my fledging collection.) To my slight distress, I read that Breyer releases roughly 3 Traditional models for every Classic, per year (unless my memory fails me). In any regard, while they do sometimes do well at shows, apparently that is not the rule. That had me with second thoughts, ...
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  5. Heck yeah!


    I'm going to visit three tack stores today! Heading out with my best friend, he's going to sell his used video games at a Play 'n Trade in Stuart, and I get to visit tack stores on the way, scouring for Breyers.

    These are the tack shops I'll be visiting:

    [LIST][*][B]The Tackeria[/B]
    [LIST][*]13501 S Shore Blvd #107, Wellington, FL, 33414[/LIST] ...

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