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  1. Working on Micros

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    Micro CoverGirl Palomino1.jpg

    I posted this to the customizing forum but then thought it might be a good blog post here. This is about prepping and painting micros but most of this information is just as useful for working on larger resins or plastics.

    Bent legs are easy with pewter -just bend them back! Ideally warming the piece under your hot water tap will make it easier and put less fatigue into the metal but don't do it if it's cold as the metal will be more brittle.
  2. Help me.

    My wife Cindy past away shes been a member for a few years from what i can tell.
    she has a huge collection, i have no idea on how to sell on eBay. that was her thing. Cindy was 58 years old and started collecting at age 4. i know we have a lot of valuable ones, one of a kinds limited ones and porcelain, glass you name it. i know the value of some but looking to sell so i can give the money to our kids. please any helpful information i would appreciate.
    you can contact me Tim at ...
  3. Cort's Wish List

    I'm just keeping track of my wishlist, for my own use. :3

    [LIST][*]Roux by Sue Kern[*]Tiny by Sara Rose[/LIST]

    [B]Classic Scale[/B]
    [LIST][*]Bella (unicorn on Haflinger Mare mold) with or without Mozart[/LIST]

    [B]Stable Mates[/B]
    [LIST][*]Mini Alborozo unicorn chase piece (black w/ gold accents)[/LIST]

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  4. Stellar Wind + Galileo

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    If I remember right Curlin ran on turf for one race and did
    decently-? It's been a few years..
    In any case, a lot of Curlins like wet heavy tracks, which turf can play like. I think this is a cross worth trying.
    He did. He ran second to Red Rocks in the 2008 Man O' War at Belmont Park. A lot of people suspected that he would have done alright on turf if they had run him on it more than once.
  5. Under the sea

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