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  1. Hot, Gratitutous Semi Naked Man 2

    Oooh, I haven't posted many almost naked men lately....

    Here's a good one, 2nd in my "wearing a towel" series A kinda young looking Hugh Jackman!

    Stuff and Things
  2. Chocolate, turkey, ham, boots and more food!

    Or, what I brought home from my vacation.

    Seriously - I think I brought home more food than clothing. And I know I ate enough. When Mom asked me what Dad and I had been eating for breakfast, I truly answered her "whatever I wanted". I wanted it - he made it. Yes, I'm an adult but I am his only child.

    There are times when you just let your parents do unnecessary things as it makes them feel better and fulfills some sort of primordial parental need/desire.
  3. So! Rhode Island.

    Wow, it's been some time since I've bothered to post here. I guess it's a good thing that this isn't some real-life blog that I'm expected to update. :D I'm such a bad person sometimes.

    That said, I'm now in the lovely land of Cranston, RI (not too far from Providence or Newport, for those of you who don't know this tiny state too well), and I'm estatic to be here. Not only does it mean that I get to meet an awesome group of collectors in Region X, but it means that I'm free of ...
  4. How to remove shiny spots

    Hello, my brand new original finish breyer has shiny marks and black dots and i would like to know how to remove them WITHOUT destroying its original finish :gallop
  5. Hobby or Community? I choose Hobby.

    This hobby has been quite an experience for me. To be honest, everything was much simpler and I was much happier before I introduced the human element to my model horse collection.

    When I started recollecting in April of 2011 (I stopped in 2006 since I couldn't afford it anymore) I did not interact with anyone within the hobby. I bought horses off of Ebay, paid the order and received the horse. Eventually I made my way to Model Horse Sales Pages and began buying from hobbyists. I will ...
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