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  1. Model Show Soon: Any Breed Advice?

    hey im new here but im going to a model horse show soon. i was wondering if you have any tips on breeds for these models besides obvious things like paint, appy, etc. here they are!

    Let's Go Riding Cody Model (besides paint)
    Hank (besides appy)
    Let's Go Riding English Marabella Model (besides morgan)
    Smarty Jones (besides Thoroughbred, Barb maybe?)
    Stage Mom (thinking of Karabair, no good?)
    Isadora Cruce (besides Mustang)
    S Justadream (besides arabian) ...
    Tags: advice, breed
  2. First Model Horse Show FAIL!!!! :doh

    Well, Today I finally had the nerve to enter a photo show, I've been wanting to forever, but was always nervous because I do NOT know anything about showing, but I thought I'd try. Turns out I took about 30 pics hoping when they got on the computer they would look better, :bigdoh they didn't but yet again I still thought I should try, well I got all the information I needed ready (the breed, name, etc.) and posted it, I don't think I even posted it in the right section, and I feel clueless, and ...
  3. Hi I`m New

    Hello I`m new here and a little new to model horse collecting. I only have 3 original finish breyers but I am looking forward to expanding my collection. I`m thinking about going to BreyerFest 2012 and it would be my first time going and first time showing. I want to participate in the performance classes so any tips would be great. I also have a question that REALLY needs to be answered but it`s more of an opinion type question. I was thinking of buying a custom Appaloosa Keltic Salinero but he`s ...
  4. Hi! I'm new here.

    I figured I would tell everybody just a bit about myself. Ive been riding horses for eight years. I started out jumping, the. Barrel racing and pole bending, and am currently doing cowboy mounted shooting. Aside from my real horse life. I am also involved in the model horse hobby. And own quite a variety of models. I am mainly focused on customs and resins. I have a mini nahar conga of 8 currently. I also have about 4 traditional resins. 14 mini resins. And multiple customs of various sizes. I also ...
  5. Shows in TX?

    Hey guys, Mykel/Bua here!
    I'm just wondering if any of you Texan collectors know of a place near Lubbock, TX to live show.
    I'm starting to get my parents into the hobby and they want to take me to some shows.
    If not in TX, I'm still near New MX so if any of you from either TX or NM know of an upcoming show I could enter, let me know!
    xx Bua/Mykel