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  1. Hi! I'm new here.

    I figured I would tell everybody just a bit about myself. Ive been riding horses for eight years. I started out jumping, the. Barrel racing and pole bending, and am currently doing cowboy mounted shooting. Aside from my real horse life. I am also involved in the model horse hobby. And own quite a variety of models. I am mainly focused on customs and resins. I have a mini nahar conga of 8 currently. I also have about 4 traditional resins. 14 mini resins. And multiple customs of various sizes. I also ...
  2. Shows in TX?

    Hey guys, Mykel/Bua here!
    I'm just wondering if any of you Texan collectors know of a place near Lubbock, TX to live show.
    I'm starting to get my parents into the hobby and they want to take me to some shows.
    If not in TX, I'm still near New MX so if any of you from either TX or NM know of an upcoming show I could enter, let me know!
    xx Bua/Mykel
  3. Theft of Horse Hair?

    What has this world come to?????!!!!!?!?!?!?!?! Today I heard that there are thieves going to other people's stables and cutting the hair off of their horses' tails! This is just sad! Horses need their tails to swat bugs and flies and when they don't have their tails, well, that can't turn into anything good! Wow. I feel like I need to make people more aware of this, because I am not sure everyone knows about it, but not sure how to bring awareness to horse lovers! What I can say, to the people ...
  4. Pictures from the Florida Carriage Museum

    Take a look at some of my pictures from the Florida Carriage Museum on my other blog (lol). Lots of drool-worthy horses that I feel the need to share.

    [URL=""]Eva's Office (FCMR)[/URL]

    I'll have more tomorrow and Wednesday! :D
  5. Hello!

    I would just like to say hello to everyone! I made my first account today, how exciting! :D I also love looking at awesome videos of reining! If you have any to post that would be awesome!

    Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!