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  1. *sigh*

    So I totally jinxed myself with my last post...

    Less than 24 hours after the last blog entry, I was in the hospital to get my infected gallbladder removed. Now...normally that is a pretty routine procedure, but due to my underlying health problems, it's been quite the mess.

    They removed my gallbladder and inserted a catheter into my neck so that I could go in and do in-center dialysis. Well, turns out the general surgeon didn't do it correctly so I had to go back ...
  2. Christmas is two days away!

    Can I ask where the time has gone?

    I'm sure I will be out and about tomorrow. I feel like I am forgetting many many things. I need to hit the store tomorrow and pick up stuff needed for the dinner. (Along with everyone elses family members.)

    My mom and I always head out on Christmas eve just to shop. We are not looking for anything in particular, just out and about. We will have lunch and then hit the stores. Head home and rush around getting everything together.
    Happy Daze
  3. I'm alive!

    I'm writing this since I've been a bit of a stranger to Blab for the last year or...more? Wow.

    Sooo...for those of you that might be interested to hear what I'm up to, here's a brief re-caplet for you!

    After about a year and a half of not working, I finally applied for and got a job! I went to work as a receptionist at a small tight-knit vet clinic. I was promoted this summer to front office manager and have been working hard and loving it. I can't wait to be ...
  4. If Snoopy and Star Wars had a love child...

    it would look like my Xmas tree. Seriously. You can tell that this house has a Snoopy and Star Wars lovers in it. Oh, and that we might have a horse lover and a Dallas Cowboys fan in it too but really, in much more of a "hobby" fashion.

    Yep, I finally decorated the tree. It's only been out of the storage closet since last Friday. I got tired of it looking bare and naked. I did not get the ladder up from the garage so it does not have a tree topper nor does it have a
  5. I am an addict...and we have WAY TOO MUCH Xmas stuff

    I am an addict. No, it's not model horses. It's not books. It's ... well, kinda but not totally horse blankets. Or polar fleece.

    It's paper. Wrapping paper, esp. I have this unholy fascination with paper. I have at least four rolls of Xmas paper and I have decided *need* another one.

    I'm a bit "known" for wrapping. My father in laws has enlisted me to wrap the presents for his wife several times. My hubby makes me wrap his parents' gifts and friends.