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  1. My new website!!

    Hi everyone!
    My new site is starting to get up and running, and
    I am now taken pictures of all my work and uploading them to the computer to put on that website. So bear with me as I update this site and try to getting it running smoothly. In the mean time look at some of the pictures I have and leave comments in my guestbook on what you think of the page and my work!
  2. Newly finished commissions

    Just showing off a few finished commissions.

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  3. When did shopping become so difficult?

    [B][COLOR="Magenta"]Today I started to shop for all of my CMing supplies. I had coupons for Michaels and AC Moores and they are almost directly across the parking lot from each other, so its no big hassle to go to both of them....or so I think. :grump

    I go to Michaels first since I was able to search for things on the AC Moore website and get my prices for comparison. However, Michaels has almost nothing. They have one type of Primer, some weird brand that I have not ...

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  4. Western Saddle Complete

    I finished my rio rondo western saddle kit today.

    Although it is far from being LSQ, it did turn out much better than the one that I made 12 years ago when I was 14

    It was much easier than I remembered too. I want to get another one so I can try again and hopefully do better.
    The fenders won't stay down! Right now it looks like a saddle the flying nun might own.
    So ...

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  5. Who started the financial crisis?

    I donít know, actually. Iím not sure the factoids I know really answer the question. The answer may belong to the future, when a better historical view is available.

    A lot of people blame an administration and Congress with a preference for less regulation and/or a laissez-faire attitude toward the markets. However Ė in the context of the history of this decade Iím not sure how much sense this makes.

    The last meltdown during 2000-2002 was based on the collapse of ...
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