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  1. YAY another wet day.. yeesh!

    It's been gloomy and Hellen has been craving carbs like MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Had a picnic to go to today :) Had good music good food, and lotsa friends :D and then.. when it was ALMOST over, the rain hit. Was sprinkling off and on all morning. And grey. GREY!!!!!!!!!! I wanted SUNNYSHINE! *pouts*

    Thought I'd share :grouphug
  2. I HAZ A BLOG!?

    WHEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Mary! :woot
  3. At last - banners restored

    Banners are restored after a herculean amount of research, trial and error, stretching back months.

    And the best part ... no additional applications. No integrating additional software. The code is in this software, in the vBulletin-approved location. Hooray.
  4. Those VP running mates

    I count myself among those whose jaw dropped thinking McCain might have insanely punted the election when I first heard his VP pick was a woman mid-first-term governor of Alaska.

    O. M. G. - - what has he done?

    However, a very insightful friend and fellow McCain supporter kept saying “Brilliant. Brilliant.”

    It is?

    O. M. G. - - it is!

    A week and a half later into a new reality, on the strength of one electrifying convention ...

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    Election 2008 - POTUS
  5. #1 / September 7th, Sunday, 2008

    Hello all, I am so into this new feature, I might even keep blogging now. I have always quit blogging after a post or two on other sites.

    Today I went to see some live barrel racing. OMG! It was so scary, I was in the stands taking pictures!

    I will have to post some pictures, and I may update you all on what I thought of the barrel racing later as well.


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