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  1. Criollo halters





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  2. My hand-woven halters





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  3. Introductions

    I am rather new to model horse collecting, but have managed to round up some nice horses and even started making halters for them! So in this blog I want to share my collection and my works with people who might appreciate it :) Here are my works. Hope you enjoy them!

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  4. Dilema: New Model or New Art Supplies?

    Anyone else have this problem? I sold enough models to buy an SM resin of my choice and have some money left over, or I have enough money to buy a cheap airbrush set that comes with 3 airbrushes and a compressor that comes recommended by a model horse artist and several artists on youtube as a good beginner set. On one hand, maybe a new method of painting is what I need to get out of my artistic slump. Prepping for pastels drives me CRAZY and then I still get grain. Perhaps base coating with acrylics ...

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  5. Pining for Models

    I feel like I only post here to complain about the models I want to buy! LOL. Little Bronna was released and I adore her and want one to piant! Was digging through my body box, but couldn't find anyone I wanted to part with T-T UGH. also want a Midnight Heather, a Peanut, a Popcorn, Goblin, Zug. But I have to keep reminding myself that I am saving to go to back to Japan and to pay off my student loans. I bought casting materials this month which put me back $40. Le sigh. Maybe I should just sell ...