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  1. Breyerfest 2018: Special Runs

    [SIZE=3]Welcome to my very first BLOG!
    I want to try my hand at this because I love writing and sharing my opinions.
    For the time being, I'm going to try to keep it Breyerfest related. Every now and then I might write one about a web special or primer club release. I hope that people enjoy these!!

    Special Runs always brings about excitement for breyerfest attendees.
    So far Breyer has released three Special Run Models. These are very different from Store Specials ...
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  2. On the move again...

    We might be moving again...

    This time into a two bedroom apartment with more space then our current one bedroom cramped one.

    I'm crossing my fingers that everything works out to get the new place.

    I'm tired of being cramped and cranky.

    Edit: looks like we're moving after all.

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  3. Taking offers on Aspen silver filigree web special!

    [QUOTE=Horsegirrl;2977773]Hi, I am taking offers on my silver filigree web special Aspen. Absolutely gorgeous model! He has a weird thing going with one hoof and I'm not sure if this is typical of the mold since I don't have one to compare it to. Look at the photos, one hoof has a split seam underneath between the hoof and the feathers. It's not a complete split and looks like it is fine and won't break off. I have the original box etc. I have 100% positive feedback on Ebay as barrelrunner745. Comes ...
  4. Homeless and scared

    Recently pyykthorsey and I moved out of our apartment in Wakefield because we felt unsafe. Someone had thrown firecrackers at our window while we're sleeping. They also knocked on our window while we're sleeping and our door at two in the morning. So we made the decision to move into a failing motel with an elderly man who is buying it on land contract. That was working well until week ago. The owner was drinking and talking to my husband about it, trying to justify his drunkenness. Pyykthorsey ...
  5. PSA

    When buying a collapsible photo "cube", keep your face well back before letting it open...I just narrowly missed getting my nose broken. :somad