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  1. #1 / September 7th, Sunday, 2008

    Hello all, I am so into this new feature, I might even keep blogging now. I have always quit blogging after a post or two on other sites.

    Today I went to see some live barrel racing. OMG! It was so scary, I was in the stands taking pictures!

    I will have to post some pictures, and I may update you all on what I thought of the barrel racing later as well.


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  2. Missing having them out around the house

    Models still all packed from the last 2 moves, both in less than a year. Makes it hard to think about live showing - have to dig 'em out, then re-pack. Oh I miss them though! I want a few special ones out SOON.

    Have to unpack half a garage full of other stuff as well. (But the models aren't in the garage! )

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    Model stuff
  3. Banner ads & forum width

    And after posting the blog entry it looks like I could post a comment to my own blog entry.

    vB added an easy-peasey (almost) feature that has slots for banner ads. Well easy except you have to generate about 20 lines of code for myself.

    Had the ads up and posted but had to take 'em down to prove to vB support that the forum display width issue existed before the ads went up.

    The solution to the forum width is worky - and experimental. I try ...

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  4. Blog is installed!

    Yay, Blog is up and running for the management team to preview a bit before the roll-out to the paid members.

    Scrolling down to "Additional Options" I see self-generated mod powers for my own blog. Cool.

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