• PAMs, FAMs, and In-Between Mares: The scoop!

    Stickied because questions frequently arise about old mold vs new mold, how the In-Between Mare came to be, etc. Hopefully this post will provide a quick, easy-to-understand guide to the PAM, FAM, and In-Between Mare.

    PAMs, FAMs, and In-Between Mares

    More Than You Ever Wanted to Know (with pictures!)

    Old Mold PAM
    In the beginning, there was the Designers Workshop Large Arabian family sculpted by Maureen Love and first produced by the Hagen-Renaker company in ceramic in Spring 1957. By 1958, Breyer had released plastic near-copies of Zara and Zilla as what we now call the Old Mold PAM and PAF. Breyer also copied Amir, though not as closely. (He of course became the Family Arabian Stallion.)

    The Old Mold PAM and PAF were produced in only four colors: Glossy Alabaster, Glossy Bay, Glossy Grey Appaloosa, and Woodgrain. In 1959, Hagen-Renaker sued Breyer for copyright infringement on all three molds: mare, stallion, and foal. The court found that the PAM and PAF were too similar to the original HR models, and Breyer was forced to cease production of these models in late 1959. The Family Arab Stallion did not resemble the HR Amir closely enough, so production of that model was allowed to continue.

    But, Breyer now needed a new Arabian mare and foal to go with their stallion...

    In-Between Mare
    In early 1960, Breyer molded and produced a handful of copies of what is aptly called the In-Between Mare. She is the same size as the PAM but more closely resembles the coarser FAM in looks. Her neck is long and she sports a bit of a hay belly. Due to molding problems, these mares lean to the left. She has been found in Alabaster, Woodgrain, and Glossy Grey Appaloosa. Bay and Palomino examples may exist as well.

    Family Arab Mare
    Production of the In-Between Mare was quickly scrapped in favor of the similar but more attractive Family Arab Mare who debuted later in 1960. She has been in production, along with the FAF and FAS, ever since.

    New Mold PAM
    More than ten years after the lawsuit with Hagen-Renaker, Breyer received permission from HR to re-release the Proud Arab Mare and Foal. Production resumed in 1971 and the Proud Arab Stallion was created to round out the set. In mid-2005, Breyer lost the rights to the HR and HR-based molds, and the PAM and PAF were discontinued along with the Love mold Classics and the G1 Stablemates. Hagen-Renaker, which had not produced these molds themselves for more than 20 years, began releasing them in new colors not long afterward.

    How to tell if you have a PAM, In-Between Mare, or FAM
    The tails of each of these mares are distinctly different, so that is the easiest way to know what you have. The end of the PAM's tail is attached to her left hock. The In-Between Mare's tail touches her right buttock before angling out again. The FAM's tail hangs loose. Andrea Gurdon has a terrific picture on her blog showing the differences here: http://breyerhistorydiva.blogspot.co...ld-ladies.html

    Old Mold PAM vs New Mold PAM
    The easiest way to determine whether a PAM is Old Mold or New Mold is by the color. If it's Glossy Alabaster, Glossy Bay (honey bay, not mahogany), Glossy Grey Appaloosa, or Woodgrain, it's OM. If it is not one of those 4 colors, it's NM.

    NM mares have the Breyer stamp and USA mark whereas OM mares are unmarked. NM mares also have a splayed left foreleg, the result of that part of the mold supposedly having been lost and recreated sometime between 1959 and 1971. And lastly, most NM mares have a bump on the back of the right front cannon bone. It is more pronounced on the later models.
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