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    Why advertise on Blab?

    Blab has a steady whitewater rush of hobbyists fully engaged with the forum! Whether you watch the rapidly changing topics and chatter by clicking on the top link Unread Posts, and refreshing, or you scroll to the bottom of the main forum page to see Blab's statistics, the constant activity and flow of hobby eyes are apparent.

    Not so obvious - the 2,000,000+ posts aside - most of Blab's registered members that visit frequently actually do not post (typical of many forums.) So for all the activity, your ad is being seen by as many as two to three times the number who are posting away. Scrolling down to the small box of numbers, Model Horse Blab Statistics, the number for Active Members (members who visit, with or without posting) is above 1,100.

    Join Blab's banner advertisers, and make the many devotees of Blab fully aware of what you have to offer!

    PM or email Mary to ask about special targeted opportunities, to be sure your ad is in front of the most important segment of the audience for your endeavor.

    Information on Blab banner advertising

    Banner advertising can be seen on display in the upper right corner of our forums index. Banner ad files in gif or jpg format are rotated into the display each time a user navigates or performs an action on Blab. The banners are visible from every page. When a user clicks the ad a new web window opens at the url website of the advertiser (or to an ad on another website such as MHSP or My Auction Barn, or to a post in the Blab Sales forum.)

    $25 for 3 months
    6 months for $50
    12 months for $100

    Show Rate - Live and Photo Shows
    $15 for the 2 months prior to show date (total discount $10 off regular rate)

    If you have a show info document but no means to put it on the web, Blab can post it on the web for you with a url link directly to the document (no extra charge.) The Blab url link to your show info doc can be used as the click-on for your Blab banner. You can use the url for any advertising / promotion for your show you like, on or off Blab.

    Don't have a website?
    Blab banners can click-on link to your posting in the Blab Sales forum,
    or to ads on other web locations such as MHSP, eBay or My Auction Barn.

    Ad file
    .gif or .jpg file, 468 x 60 pixels, horizontally displayed

    Include the URL you want the ad to lead to when it is clicked

    • You may change your banner as often as you wish during the sub period. (Allow 1-3 days for updates.)
    • Do you have several panels you would like to assemble into one file that rotates the panels ... but don't have the software to put them together? Send them to mary@modelhorseblab.com and tell me what order you want them in, and I'll assemble them for you.
    • If you wish, Blab can display the ad through a url link to the ad file on your own site server. You can then update the ad file on your at your own convenience, same filename and url, and the Blab banner display will show the new file. No waiting to email the new file to be switched for the old one. (Any changes to the click-on url still have be to updated on Blab.)

    Contact Mary at mary@modelhorseblab.com for more information.